Every day throughout the season, MadFriars.com takes the tour through the minor leagues, telling you who is hot, who is not, and what prospects and front office personnel are saying.

 Minor League Notebooks (listed by date)

8/19/07: Geer goes to 15; Ramirez having a blast
8/18/07: Kazmar half-dozen; Alls Wells in relief
8/17/07: Teague defies odds; LeBlanc scoring punch
8/16/07: Stauffer sizzling; King streaking
8/15/07: Cumberland cranking; Ramos better with age
8/14/07: Kazmar dazzles in field; Garrison cruises
8/13/07: Naylor gets a first; Lauderdale two
8/12/07: Macias a grand affair; Harrington streaking
8/11/07: Stauffer denied by bullpen; Macias on a tear
8/10/07: Ekstrom on target; Roster moves
8/9/07: Garrison great again; Hefner spurs shutout
8/8/07: Laforest, Antonelli HR happy; Busch the mann
8/7/07: Teague tagged; Frieri fine
8/6/07: Padres get system sweep
8/5/07: Zawadzki homers; Sogard knocks in three
8/4/07: Mitch Canham healthy; Jodam Rivera pitching?
8/3/07: Buschini part of explosion; Garrison great
8/2/07: Buschmann beauty a loss; Teague terrific
8/1/07: Startup, Inman debut; Morton mashes two
7/31/07: Antonelli likes the first; Cumberland a hit
7/30/07: Macias' arm does the talking; Castro strikes
7/29/07: Garrison solid in debut; Bush the K king
7/28/07: Vandel faces minimum over six; Macias perfect
7/27/07: Cooper doubles up; Mayi extends game
7/26/07: Perry continues to hit; Carrasco healthy
7/25/07: Watson debut a success; Storm streak ends
7/24/07: Geer leads them all; Blauer sparks win
7/23/07: Bushcmann double-digits; Kulbacki king
7/22/07: Daigle on track; Viloria too
7/21/07: Culp a winner; Latos takes loss
7/19/07: Brooks Dunn good; Brad Chalk debuts
7/18/07: McBryde solid; Perry leads comeback
7/17/07: Faris one-hitter; Hundley homers twice again
7/15/07: Freese gets six; Conlon on base six times
7/14/07: Morton three, Epping two; AZL Padres rout
7/13/07: Stauffer on top; Hefner dynamite
7/12/07: Antonelli debut a hit; Kazmar on the money
7/11/07: Bonvechio perfect; Morton mashing
7/10/07: Ruth, Carvajal lead AZL Padres
7/9/07: Ayala stands on top; Blanks hammers two
7/8/07: Hefner fans nine; Underwood a rotational rock
7/7/07: Latos dominant; Venable’s hit a doozy
7/6/07: Buschmann briliant; Carvajal doubles up
7/5/07: Hundley hammers two; Garzon doubles em in
7/4/07: Mead magnificent; Gomes on point
7/3/07: Underwood rolls; DSL update
7/2/07: Kulbacki's first; Basham in Double-A
7/1/07: Laforest with three; Madden on track
6/30/07: Contreras rocks the boat; Huff blows lead
6/29/07: Hundley a hero; Solis nets winner
6/28/07: Durango shows power; Ketchner wins!
6/27/07: Steve Delabar, Stephen Faris impress; Geoff Vandel wins
6/26/07: Yefri Carvajal banging; Lance Zawadzki laser
6/25/07: Jose Martinez money in Peoria; Tom King winner
6/24/07: Brian Myrow-mania; Nic Crosta cranking; Bobby Basham back
6/23/07: Manny Ayala, Josh Geer all about wins; Jesus Lopez first
6/22/07: Cesar Ramos shutout; Jeremy McBryde, Matt Bush debut in style
6/21/07: Matt Buschmann's best; Roger Deago strike three
6/20/07: Jack Cassel flashes power; Zachary Brown hits two
6/19/07: Eugene kicks off year with a win
6/18/07: Long ball seals Missions win
6/17/07: Manny Ayala first to 10; Brett Bonvechio bang
6/16/07: No-hit bid foiled again in Fort Wayne
6/15/07: Sean Thompson wins; Brandon Gottier touches home
6/14/07: Steve Delabar dazzles; Jared Wells a relief
6/12/07: No Report Available
6/11/07: Padres MLN: Release, surgery, rehab and sign
6/10/07: Grant Varnell falters; Matt Antonelli, Craig Cooper déjà vu
6/9/07: Three deep for Storm; Jack Cassel complete
6/8/07: Scott Cassidy blows it; Matt Buschmann rebounds
6/7/07: Manny Ayala again; Kyle Blanks, Nic Crosta drive in nine
6/6/07: Chase Headley bangs two; Wade LeBlanc dominant again
6/5/07: Leo Rosales blows save; No stars for All-Stars
6/4/07: Brent Carter crushed; Wizards lack hitting
6/3/07: Chase Headley single shy; Matt Buschmann clobbered
6/2/07: Tim Stauffer solid; Manny Ayala, Josh Geer drop second
6/1/07: Wade LeBlanc so close to perfection
5/31/07: David Freese on a roll; Ray Chang humming too
5/30/07: Will Venable hits for cycle; David Freese five spot
5/29/07: Kyle Blanks homers, Nick Hundley's six RBIs not enough
5/28/07: Manny Ayala, Brandon Higelin toss shutout
5/27/07: Chad Huffman, Pete Laforest have slamming good time
5/26/07: Matt Antonelli homering fool; Shawn Wooten only offense
5/25/07: Pete Laforest homers twice; Not R.J. Rodriguez' night
5/24/07: Padres MLN: Broomed
5/23/07: Padres MLN: A losing effort
5/22/07: Matt Bush is back; Josh Geer denied
5/21/07: Luis Cruz all about extras; Stephen Faris career best
5/20/07: Yordany Ramirez hits for cycle and adds eight RBIs
5/19/07: Roger Deago tricks; Jodam Rivera a treat
5/18/07: Lake Elsinore scores 30 and nabs shutout
5/17/07: Manny Ayala one-hits; Daryl Jones on track
5/16/07: Josh Geer continues pace; Craig Cooper game-winner
5/15/07: Pete Laforest goes yard twice; LJon ink perfect closer
5/14/07: Craig Stansberry delivers; John Hussey debuts
5/13/07: Matt Antonelli reaches 22; Dirk Hayhurst a winner
5/12/07: Kyle Blanks bombing; Aaron Breit excites
5/11/07: Pitching good but not always good enough
5/10/07: Tim Stauffer’s best; Rayner Contreras again
5/9/07: Padres MLN: Hits and misses and RBIs
5/8/07: Sean Thompson hard luck loser; Greg Burke falters
5/7/07: Rayner Contreras finds power; Josh Howard finds the mound
5/6/07: Josh Geer leads league; Wilton Lopez debuts
5/5/07: Wade Leblanc streak extended; Drew Macias bunt to homer
5/4/07: Jared Wells gets a win; Jose Oyervidez to the DL?
5/3/07: Ryan Ketchner throwing well; David Freese doubles up
5/2/07: Matt Antonelli, Yordany Ramirez streaking
5/1/07: Sean Kazmar, Drew Macias make history
4/30/07: Cesar Ramos complete; Kyle Blanks slam
4/29/07: David Freese, Chad Huffman five-hole
4/28/07: Thompson continues mastery; Paul McAnulty perfect
4/27/07: Mike Thompson shelled; Craig Stansberry rocks
4/26/07: Justin Germano above Triple-A; Manny Ayala a winner
4/25/07: Wade LeBlanc throws doughnuts; Drew Macias goes yard
4/24/07: Drew Miller seven no-hit; Ramirez heats up
4/23/07: Sean Thompson tosses bullets; Jack Cust like Rodriguez
4/22/07: Matt Bush breaks out; Tim Brown too
4/21/07: Nic Crosta, Jose Lobaton go deep twice
4/20/07: Portland hits are extra; John Madden blows save
4/19/07: Steve Delabar has no luck; Cedric Hunter heating up
4/18/07: Padres system swept
4/17/07: Andy Underwood no-no bid; Kyle Blanks adjusts
4/16/07: Peter Ciofrone, Will Venable on Missions
4/15/07: Michael Johnson goes yard; Manny Ayala stifles Mavs
4/14/07: Sean Kazmar grand slam; Wade LeBlanc loss
4/13/07: Cesar Carrillo shelled; Jack Cust connects
4/12/07: Sean Thompson stifling; Nic Crosta slamming
4/11/07: David Freese tossed; Kyle Stutes takes the loss
4/10/07: Matt Bush errors lead to loss; Derek McDaid debuts
4/9/07: Nathan Culp faces minimum; Antonelli homers
4/8/07: Cesar Carrillo back; Richie Daigle starting
4/7/07: Jared Wells jacked; Tom Brown heroics
4/6/07: Padres MLN: Closing time an interesting time
4/5/07: Padres Minor League Notebook: Opening Day

2006 Padres' Prospect Daily Notebooks

8/26/06: Tim Brown bombing; Andrade owns lefties
8/25/06: Gardner shutout; Vandel continues success
8/24/06: Errors dump Wells; Oyervidez with the stick
8/23/06: Thompson's bat the difference; Blank spot
8/18/06: Venable and Bonvechio provide heroics
8/17/06: Durango, Hunter dicing in the desert
8/16/06: Josh Geer shutout; Not 2005 for Geoff Vandel
8/15/06: Will Venable bombs; Kyler Burke back on track
8/4/06: Late inning heroics in Eugene, Arizona
7/31/06: Brazelton trade bait? Hunter still streaking
7/28/06: A day of offense in Padres’ minors
7/22/06: Jared Wells back; Ciofrone smashes two
7/19/06: Jeremy Hunt cracks two; Nic Crosta heating up
7/18/06: Tim Brown plunked again; Matt Antonelli on track
7/17/06: Seth Johnston flashing power; Matt Handley near perfect
7/16/06: Jarred Gardner, Jon Link throw one-hitter
7/15/06: Vince Sinisi sparkles; Wade LeBlanc shines
7/14/06: Rehabs begin in Peoria; Aaron Breit seven
7/13/06: George Kottaras a hit in debut; Jon Knott slams again
7/12/06: Yefri Carvajal debuts; Justin Leone shows well
7/11/06: Ramos a winner; Cedric Hunter streaking
7/10/06: Javis Diaz a catalyst; Chase Headly hits ten
7/9/06: Michael Campbell feeling fine; Evan Meek crushed
7/8/06: Padres Minor League Notebook
7/8/06: Josh Geer gets Cal League win; Stephen Smitherman a hero
7/7/06: Jon Knott, Peter Ciofrone just miss cycling
7/6/06: Leads blown; Jodam Rivera smoking hot
7/5/06: Manny Ayala pitches well in loss; Aaron Breit impressive
7/4/06: Evan Meek impressive; Chase Headley too
7/3/06: David Freese delivers; Dale Thayer blown save
7/2/06: Padres Sign Two On International Market
7/2/06: Jon Knott, Luis Cruz among league leaders
7/1/06: Vince Sinisi homers, Kyler Burke too
6/30/06: Brent Carter gemming; Jon Knott seeing triple
6/29/06: Colt Morton mashes; Wade LeBlanc debut a "W"
6/28/06: Matt Antonelli ten straight; Freese on fire
6/27/06: Brian Hernandez five; Matt Bush on fire
6/26/06: Matt Bush a hit; Tyler Mead debuts
6/25/06: Will Venable clobbers two; Jeremy Hunt's streak
6/24/06: Chad Huffman debuts with a bang
6/23/06: Ernesto Frieri deals; Kyler Burke debut
6/22/06: Woody Williams back; David Freese delivers
6/21/06: Eugene rolls again; Mike Ekstrom debuts
6/20/06: Luany Sanchez awesome for Eugene; Terrmel Sledge hits two
6/19/06: Offense powers Beavers, Storm on Father's Day
6/18/06: Eugene plays exhibition; Nick Hundley homers again
6/17/06: Dewon Brazelton franchise record in one-hitter
6/16/06: Jose Lobaton sends two deep; Josh Geer 25.1
6/15/06: Paul McAnulty first five-fer; Jared Wells promotion
6/14/06: Steve Delabar electric; Peter Ciofrone blast
6/13/06: Nick Hundley blasts off; Hayhurst blasted
6/12/06: Matt Varner returns; Brandon Gottier the hero
6/11/06: Neil Jamison blows up; Tim Stauffer strong
6/10/06: Perfect Game for Portland
6/9/06: Mike Ekstrom dominant complete game shutout
6/8/06: Nic Crosta continues in LE; Luis Cruz cruising
6/7/06: Cesar Carrillo and Cesar Ramos pitch on draft day
6/6/06: Nick Hundley a hit in return; Homers haunt Aquilino Lopez
6/5/06: Collapses in Mobile, LE; Shutouts in FW
6/4/06: Jared Wells is human; Steve Delabar matches Mark Prior
6/3/06: Joel Santo scoreless; Portland bombs
6/2/06: Brett Dowdy sparks Storm; Joey Gomes nice addition
6/1/06: John Hudgins continues success; Tim Brown strong May
5/31/06: Agony in the Padres' minors
5/30/06: Six in Portland; Jared Wells, Mike Ekstrom dynamite
5/29/06: Peter Ciofrone sends it into OT; Sean Thompson's longest
5/28/06: Seth Etherton traded; Jose Oyervidez gem
5/27/06: Jose Lobaton saves Lake Elsinore from being no-hit
5/26/06: Offense sputters through the system
5/25/06: Tim Stauffer, Jared Wells great; Mike Ekstrom not so much
5/24/06: Jon Knott on fire; Stephen Smitherman bomb
5/23/06: Steve Delabar shutout; Cesar Ramos struggles
5/22/06: Jon Knott yard twice; Luis Cruz extra base hitting
5/21/06: No hit John Hudgins; Homering Chase Headley
5/20/06: A clean sweep: Hitters hit and pitchers pitch
5/19/06: Terrmel Sledge homers twice; Cesar Carrillo on the move
5/18/06: Sean Thompson gets a win; Michael Johnson hammerin'
5/17/06: Michael Johnson is back with a vengeance
5/16/06: Ben Johnson walk-off; Joel Santo a starter
5/15/06: John Hudgins debut a success; Tim Turner striding
5/14/06: Luis Cruz hits two; Fabian Jimenez hits 16
5/13/06: Seth Johnston walk-off; Vince Sinisi debuts
5/12/06: Seth Etherton winner; Cesar Ramos hard-luck loser
5/11/06: Jack Cassel, Brent Carter pitching shutouts
5/10/06: Mike Thompson, Joel Santo scoreless
5/9/06: Dave Matranga, power hitter; Crosta cleans up
5/8/06: Jeremy Cleveland and Tim Brown talking five
5/7/06: Kazmar knocks in five; Ernesto Frieri debuts
5/6/06: Josh Alley still on base; Cesar Ramos strong
5/5/06: A clean sweep
5/4/06: Matranga mashes; Storm embarrassed
5/3/06: Lineup changes produce results
5/2/06: Oh Freddy! Guzman delivers big
5/1/06: Ramos - Mario and Cesar - take losses
4/30/06: Jack Cust on an amazing run; Richie Daigle too
4/29/06: Jack Cust streaking; Jared Wells no-hit ball
4/28/06: Eric Junge throws blanks; Drew Davidson more patient
4/27/06: Drew Macias has a home; Dirk Hayhurst deals magic
4/26/06: Paul McAnulty streaking; Manny Ayala debuts
4/25/06: Triples - George Kottaras, Luke Carlin
4/24/06: Peter Ciofrone five; Walter Young two
4/23/06: Luke Carlin praised; Ben Krosschell strong
4/22/06: Fabian Jimenez shines; Joel Santo struggles
4/20/06: Closers face different outcomes
4/19/06: Richie Daigle wins debut; Joel Santo shaky
4/18/06: Drew Macias totals nine; Fort Wayne mauled
4/17/06: Jason Hill clutch; Ciriaco close to cycling
4/16/06 Mobile bats silent; Cesar Ramos, Dirk Hayhurst dealing
4/14/06: Mama Leone! Oyervidez humming
4/13/06: Mike Baxter slamming; Evan Meek dealing
4/12/06: Justin Leone mission; Jeremy Cleveland rocks!
4/11/06: Guzman flexes; Mobile doesn't
4/10/06: Jon Knott, Daryl Jones net five
4/9/06: Colt Morton blast; Jason Anderson smoked
4/8/07: Evan Meek, Jared Wells, Mike Thompson stellar
4/7/06: Kyle Blanks Power; Mike Ekstrom no-decision

2005 Padres' Prospect Daily Notebooks

7/3/2005: Jon Link praises Nick Hundley; Chris Oxspring rocked
7/2/2005: Clay Hensley no luck; Chase Headley pure skill
7/1/2005: Adam Bourrassa hot; Joel Santo strong
6/30/2005: Matt Varner hiccups; Cesar Ramos debuts
6/29/2005: Mike Thompson back; Mike Ekstrom outdueled
6/28/2005: Kintzler where he left off; Venable a steal in seven
6/27/2005: Vern Sterry starting material; Greg Sain revival
6/26/2005: New signing pay dividends; Jordan Pickens hot
6/25/2005: Ben Johnson mashes; Travis Chick mashed
6/24/2005: Brent Carter and Adam Gold impressive in debuts
6/23/2005: Kyle Blanks a loaded gun; Ben Krosschell shot down
6/22/2005: Hensley, Delabar dominate
6/21/2005: Baker, Delluchi promoted; Hyzdu hammering
6/20/2005: Luke Steidlmayer continues to impress
6/19/2005: Chick pummelled; Ryan Klatt returns
6/18/2005: Storm, Wizards clinch
6/17/2005: Steidlmayer All-Star; Mobile hit parade
6/16/2005: Burgamy walk-off; FW Comeback
6/15/2005: Varner saves two; Thompson two hits
6/14/2005: Skip Adams heroicsl Michel Hernandez Gunning
6/13/2005: Ben Johnson and Chris Oxspring Dominate Tucson
6/12/2005: Josh Barfield tearing it up; Arturo Lopez dynamite
6/11/2005: Closers Struggle; Extra Innings Everywhere
6/10/2005: Ben Johnson and Brian Burgamy are en fuego
6/8/2005: Furmaniak Streaks; Clayton Hamilton Back to Form
6/7/2005: Oxspring Sharp, Ekstrom Not, Both Win
6/6/2005: Barfield's Streak to 8; Valenzuela Finding Power
6/5/2005: Steidlmayer pitches deep; Bourassa makes mark
6/4/2005: News from the Venezuelan League; Bush winner
6/3/2005: Bozied a friend in five; Not a pitcher's night
6/2/2005: Starting pitching thrives; Knott, Bozied mash
6/1/2005: J.J. Furmaniak arsenal; Javier Martinez too
5/31/2005: Barfield positives; Whitaker tagged
5/30/2005: Girardeau Stellar; Germano's Best Yet
5/29/2005: Even the Bench Can't Stop Greg Sain; Garcia Hot
5/28/2005: Oxspring Stellar; BayBears Walk To Victory
5/27/2005: Ben Johnson Hits Two; Matt Varner Saves #14
5/26/2005: Knott Smelling the Roses In May
5/25/2005: Javier Martinez Pitches a Midday Masterpiece
5/24/2005: Waller On Mexican League Prospects; Varner Ks Side
5/23/2005: Scales Goes Long In Both Games of Double Header
5/22/2005: Kottaras Day to Day; Mike Thompson Shut Out
5/21/2005: Wizards flirt with no-no; Hensley outing wasted
5/20/2005: Brian Burgamy Walk Off; Lachlan Dale Trots Again
5/19/2005: Thompson tagged; Valenzuela's everywhere
5/19/2005: Ramos, Storm miscues equal a loss
5/18/2005: Pickens hits two; McLeary shutout
5/17/2005: Bozied Homers Three Times In First Game Back
5/16/2005: Jimenez Comes Back Strong; McAnulty Jacks
5/15/2005: Valenzuela triples? Stiedlmayer starting again
5/14/2005: Girardeau's best not enough; Germano K's Ten
5/13/2005: Delucci joins Mobile; Kolkhorst 30 game streak over
5/12/2005: Chick Wins (Finally); Casey Baker Breaks Out
5/11/2005: Bush Drives In 2; Kolkhorst Reaches in 30 Straight
5/10/2005: Steik Streaking; Minor(s) Shuffling
5/9/2005: Knott Is Hot; Thompson Stumbles; Bush Scores
5/8/2005: Kolkhorst continues to roll, Kennard Jones too
5/7/2005: Spiehs in Portland; Colt Morton seeing double
5/6/2005: Stauffer, Ekstrom go deep
5/5/2005: Ciriaco slam; Jimenez has a first
5/3/2005: Clay Hensley starting; Sean Thompson brilliant
5/2/2005: Chick, Deago perform in losses; Ramos cleaning up
5/1/2005: Varner back on track; Macias gets four
4/30/2005: Kennard Jones Rakes; Fabian Jimenez Dominates
4/29/2005: Breslow Flawless; Morton on a Tear
4/28/2005: Johnson hits 8th dinger; Oyervidez Ks Seven
4/27/2005: Brad Baker struggles; Elsinore Wins in 10
4-26-05: Fort Wayne Splits; Wells to the DL?
4-25-05: Luke Carlin, Brett Bonvechio provide drama
4-24-05: Nine lucky Wizards number; Greg Sain back at it
4-23-05: Pagan Gets Walk Off; Mobile Finally Wins
4-22-05: Oxspring Back On Track; Morton Homers Again
4-21-05: Sparks Shines; Chick Struggles
4-20-05: Sain's Streak to 7; Three Errors for Bush
4-19-05: Stauffer 7 Scoreless; Mobile Drops 7th Straight
4-18-05: Relievers shelled; Jimenez shines
4-17-05: Tye Waller in Lake Elsinore; Corey Smith connects
4-16-05: Dave Roberts Returns; Jared Wells Rolls
4-15-05: Seven straight for Geber in Loss
4-14-05: Thompson Rings the Bell for Third Straight Day
4-13-05: Portland Crushed; Elsinore Wins With Walk Off
4-12-05: Beavers, BayBears lose
4-11-05: McAnulty and Sain; Sean Thompson classic
4-10-05: Two blown leads; two blowouts
4-9-05: Tim Stauffer saved; Kennard Jones a machine
4-7-05: Justin German tagged; Mike Ekstrom one-hitter

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Thompson near perfect; Errors abound 7-29-04
Oxspring, Deago lead team to wins 7-28-04
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Stauffer Loss; Ponce does not 7-27-04
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Hit barrage; Josh Barfield first 7-26-04
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Germano eight; Whitney five 7-25-04
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Losses mount 7-24-04
Wasted night in Padres minors 7-23-04
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Justin Germano complete; Matt Bush back 7-20-04
Bozied hurt after grand slam 7-19-04
Ramon Hernandez best in three; Kevin Beavers start 7-18-04
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Clay Hensley first in four 7-17-04
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Tagg-ing the ball Bozied; Richard Steik falters 7-16-04
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Justin Germano complete; Bonvechio two 7-15-04
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Daniel Moore returns; Clark Girardeau no support 7-12-04
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Brian Sweeney almost perfect; Mike Thompson too; Tim Stauffer Futures game 7-11-04
Clark Girardeau Interview
Clay Hensley perfect six; William Killian an armful 7-10-04
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Eugene produces diamonds; Gabe Ribas hit hard 7-9-04
Tim Stuaffer back to normal; Whitaker hit hard 7-8-04
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Vern Sterry pitching well; Kerry Robinson in Portland 7-7-04
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Girardeau and Hayhurst are for real 7-6-04
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May 29, 2004
May 27 & 28, 2004
Lake Elsinore: May 26, 2004
May 26, 2004
May 25, 2004
Amateur Draft Preview
May 24, 2004
Tim Stauffer Interview
May 23, 2004
Justin Germano Interview
May 22, 2004
May 21, 2004
Jered Weaver Interview
May 20, 2004
Brad Baker Interview
May 19, 2004
May 18, 2004
May 17, 2004
May 16, 2004
May 15, 2004
May 14, 2004
May 13, 2004
May 12, 2004
May 11, 2004
May 10, 2004
May 9, 2004
May 8, 2004
May 7, 2004
May 6, 2004
Justin Germano on his promotion to Portland
May 5, 2004
May 4, 2004
Live From Elsinore with Michael Johnson
May 3, 2004
May 2, 2004
May 1, 2004
April 30, 2004
April 29, 2004
April 28, 2004
April 27, 2004
April 26, 2004
April 24, 2004
April 23, 2004
Jared Wells Interview
April 22, 2004
April 21, 2004
April 20, 2004
Justin Verlander Interview
2004 Minor League Overview
Portland Beavers 2004 Preview
April 15, 2004
April 14, 2004
April 13, 2004
Lake Elsinore 2004 Preview
April 12, 2004
Fort Wayne 2004 Preview
April 11, 2004
April 10, 2004
April 9, 2004
Mobile 2004 Preview
April 6, 2004
March 27, 2004
March 21, 2004
March 19, 2004
Portland Review: Pitchers 2003
Portland Review: Batters 2003
Mobile Review: Pitchers 2003
Mobile Review: Batters 2003
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Lake Elsinore Review: Batters 2003
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Idaho Falls and Eugene Review: 2003